About the Meadow Stream Community

Meadow Stream began in 1999 as a coordinated development between McDaniel & Son Construction (Lamar McDaniel) and Ooltewah Properties (Phil Martin). It began as a 226 lot planned subdivision with underground utilities, sewer, street lights and restrictive covenants.

McDaniel & Son became owners after purchase from Ooltewah Properties and began to look for ways to expand this successful development.

A new partnership with lifetime family friends of the late James Rogers has enabled an additional 225 lots to be add on the Rodgers' family farm adjacent land. These lots have the same amenities as the first phase plus the adding of sidewalks.

Meadow Stream continues to be the most successful development in this area. With the coming of the new Volkswagen plant close by, it will continue to serve those looking forĀ a great place to live. Life is a dream at Meadow Stream.